• Create added social, economic and environmental value.
  • Be effective and efficient - do the right things and do the things right.
  • Lead by an example.
  • Improve outside-in and inside-out.




GEC provides highly customised, integrated and innovative services.

We will consistently strive to deliver effective services that conform to recognized conventions and (where appropriate) standards.

The assessment of the effectiveness of any particular service will be made solely from the client's perspective and will take into account the client's level of sophistication, operational requirements and intended methods of action.

We recognise that to achieve optimum effectiveness, each service must be structured realistically, delivered within an agreed time and cost framework and (where appropriate) be designed to operate profitably within the client's unique corporate culture and individual specifics.

To achieve these objectives we develop, market and support a select range of services backed by sound methodologies and a team of highly professional experts committed to delivering quality outcomes consistent with this policy.




GEC is an equal opportunity employer.

We will consistently strive to protect the human rights and labour regulations.

Without compromising the quality of our services, we will at all times seek to:

Provide equal opportunities to all people, regardless of age, sex, race or religion to participate in or work on our projects.

Comply with all aspects of the law in respect of discrimination.

Be aware of the potential for assisting disadvantaged groups when seeking to employ staff or obtain assistance from contractor.




GEC will consistently strive to protect the Nature.

Without compromising the quality of our services, we will at all times seek to:

Wherever possible use public transportation instead of corporate or private cars.

Recycle paper, magnetic media and other consumables.

Use electronic communication systems in preference to hard copy.

Minimize the consumption of fuel, power and other resources.

Be aware of the potential for improved environmental outcomes in all aspects of our business.




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