Since 2002 GEC experts have been supplying analytical, methodological and organisational services to over 100 organisations of government, business and civil society alongside with international organisations.

For over 10 years GEC experts have been operationg as professional corporate directors - feduciary representatives of the Russian Federation as a shareholder and privite investors on the Boards of Directors of 44 public and private joint stock companies.

GEC experts have been also operating as memberts of over 10 expert bodies in public and private sectors.



* repeated services


The International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF), the UK (over 70 multinational companies for high standards of responsible business)

The Investor Protection Association, Russia (over 20 international, foreign and domestic investment companies operating in Russia)

The AFK Sistema JSC (LSE traded diversified holding company operating in Russia and beyond)

Probusinessbank JSC (one of the leading Russian commercial banks)

An international project  'Improving Corporate Governance in Russia" (2003-2006 project management services including the National Corporate Governance Rating and consulting for over 30 JSCs)

The Russian Railroads JSC (State-owned monopoly provider of railroad transportation)

The TACIS EU* in partnership with the Federal Service for Financial Markets of Russia for the Nidan JSC (a leading juice producer of Russia), the Russian Coatings JSC (the leading enterprise in the paint and varnish industry of Russia), the ZEiM JSC (a leading producer of automation equipment of Russia), the KAMAZ JSC, Russia (the 8th world producer of diesel engines and a leading truck producer of Russia)

The TACIS EU* Corporate Governance Facility in Russia, the 2004-2005 survey‘Who Is Who in Corporate Governance In Russia”

The Menard Investments Group PLC*, Jersey (a venture investor in Russia)

The Air Management Group JSC*, Russia (air transportation brands DEXTER and VELVET)

The Territory Generating Company TGC-8 JSC (electricity provider for three regions of Russia)

The Territory Generating Company TGC-9 JSC (electricity provider for six regions of Russia)

The Novogor Prykamye PLC (Permskaya region municipal supplies and services provider)

The Tumen Region, Russia (expert consulting on sustainable economic, social and environmental development of the territory)

The Sakhalin Region, Russia (expert consulting on sustainable economic, social and environmental development of the territory)

The MRSK Centre JSOC (the biggest in Russia electricity grid holding of companies operating in eleven regions of the central Russia)

The Business and Society Consortium*, Russia (a media and business consortium for CSR and sustainable business development)

The Donetsk Region, the Ukraine, the in-house training on CSR and sustainability governance for regional businesses, governmental agencies and NGOs

The United Nations Development Programme* in the Russian Federation (expert consilting for 28 organizations-signatories of the UN Global Compact, the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia and regional project of the Gloval Environment Foundation)

The RosExpert (alliance partner of Corn/Ferry International)

The Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs* (a principal business-association of Russia)

The Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd*

The PBI (oil and gas industry educational, information and research centre of Russia)

The Slavonic-Greek-Latin Academy* (est. 1687)

A principal metallurgy company of Russia*

A principal gas and oil corporation of Russia

A leading gas and oil company of Russia*

A principal bank for economic development of Russia*

Top-3 telecom company in Russia*

A leading multi-industry business-group of Russia

A leading financial corporation of Russia*

A leading company in condensed gas industry of Russia*

The Federal Electricity Distribution Company

A regional gas and oil company - top-5 in Russia

A leading beer producing company

A leading Russian--foreign gas and oil company*

A leading metallurgy company of Russia*

A leading private utility company of Russia

A leading telecom company of Russia*

One of major Russian united electrical grid companies

Ten companies of the State Atomic Energy Corporation*

A principle Russian company on oil extraction outside Russia

An all-Russia political party

A leading Russian social information agency*

The Open Government of Russia

The Civil BRICS Forum

The CIS organisation on the world heritage (UNESCO) preservation*




GEC experts have been working as registered professional non-executive directors - Chairpersons and Board Members of the organisations not limited by the following list:


* service from 3 to 5 corporate years


The Microeconomics Institute JSC*

The Inter-Ministerial Analytical Centre JSC*

The Russian Financial Corporation Bank JSC

The Center Telecom JSC

The VolgaTelecom JSC

The Zinger JSC

The Astrakhanskaya Energy Management Company JSC

The Inpromleasing PLC*

The Menard Investments PLC

The Air Management Group JSC*

The Central Air Transportation Agency of Novosibirsk JSC

The Dagestan Airlines JSC (The South East Airlines)*

The Elista Airport JSC

The Altaytelecom JSC

The Astrakhanskaya Regional Generating Company JSC

The Gusevskoy LPH JSC

The Kyrovelectrosvyaz JSC

The Kurganenergo JSC

The Petushkyinterles JSC

The SantechNIIproekt JSC

The Smolenskenergo JSC

The Smolenkskaya Managing Energy Company JSC

The Smolenskaya Energoremontnaya Company JSC

The Electrosvyaz Stavropol Region JSC

The Electrosvyaz Ulyanovsky Region JSC

The Sibirtelecom JSC

The Dalsvyaz JSC

The Electrocomplex JSC

The Uralsvyazinform JSC

The Chukotkasvyzinform JSC

The Volgograd Electricity Long-distance Company JSC

The Power Network JSC

The Pskovavia JSC

The Chukotkasvyazinform JSC

The Arctic Sea Engeneering JSC

The Geological Expeditions JSC

The Shakhter Hotel JSC

The Interregional Specialised Post Center JSC

The Zeyskaya Hydro Energy Station JSC

The ICAR Science and Production Alliance JSC

The National Charity Foundation 'Interculture'*

The Professional Community of Corporate Directors, Russia

The New Engineering School

The FamilySpace.Ru

The International Federation for Peace and Conciliation*




GEC experts have been operating as members of expert bodies in public and private sectors:


* service from 3 to 5 years


Committee for Interaction with Minority Shareholders, Sberbank JSC - the biggest bank of Russia

Committee on Independent and Fiduciary Corporate Directors, the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs*

Council on Non-financial Reporting, the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs*

Committee on Corporate Social Responsibility and Demographic Policy of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs*

The Expert Council of the Federal Agency for State Assets Management, Russia*

Two federal inter-ministerial investment committees operating over 30 billion rubles govermental budget portfolio


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