The GEC Consortium has neen providing public and corporate governance support services since 2002.




Initiation and support of decision-making based on genetically determined and sociocultural coding which determines people's motivation and behavior

Initiation and support of life-scheme evolution - fixing the of rapture old life-schemes, actualisationof new life-schemes and support of transition to new life-schemes

Initiation and support of cross-cultural values of various national, religious, ethnic and other social groups




Initiation and support of channels conveying cognitive decision-making determinants to target audiences

Formation of cultural, political, economic and environmental preferences

Open source intelligence, acquisition, verification, comparative analysis and synthesis of information including long term prognostic modelling




Initiation and support of decision-making and implementation based on a long term prognostic modelling, self-tuning of control parameters and governance controls self-adjustment accordingly to on-going feedback




Initiation and support of collegial decision-making and implementation in public and private sectors

Strategy and long-term programs desing and implementation support

Integrated risk governance and internal control system

Governance of sustainabke social, economic and environmental development

Anti-corruption governance




Strategic -target problem-solving in middle and long-term perspective

Exclusive - address exact problem block or project of exact organisation

Postindustrial - based on non-material non-local transpersonal coding which determines people's motivation and behaviour

Creative - determine cultural, political and economic (production and consumer) preferences of people of varied social status, nation, worship and world view

Effective - provide continuose human capital growtg thus providing reproduction of extraordinary added value (goodwill including) within the VI-th techno-economic paradigm

Adaptive - indispensable within current context of complexity, fragmentation, uncertainty and change

Urgent- cognitive and informational governance are highly requested as humanitarian technologies - a complex of knowledge and methods of non-material effect on a mass consciousness by organising and encouraging people towards certain activity through current period of a new international power centers and technological era formation


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